FH-77 155mm Howitzer


The upgraded FH-77 155/52 howitzer will be equipped with on board navigation, positioning, control, alignment and ballistic calculation systems, automatic servo controlled gun laying, and intra-battery radio communications, facilitating intra-battery networking over a 5 km range.

One of the unique operating modes of this howitzer is the MRSI – Multiple rounds Simultaneous Impact – can be programmed to fire multiple projectiles at a target in different trajectories, designed to impact accurately over the target as a salvo, within 3 seconds.

SWS Defense also developed the FH55BW protected, truck mounted howitzer, capable of “shooting and scooting” a salvo of six rounds within 90 seconds. existing systems, and competition for the supply of future systems for the Indian Army. Soltam, from Israel also displayed some of its systems.