Integrated Radar/EO Surveillance System


IAI Elta is proposing a sensor platform based on radar and EO technologies. Elta is currently offering an integrated mast mounted sensor group, which is based on a lightweight, modular payload such as the IAI/TAMAM POP-200, which can be fitted with a variety of observation systems, including color CCD and a FLIR, which can mount an x1.4 magnification lens, laser rangefinder/marker, an EL/M-2129 ground surveillance radar and an electronic compass. The system can operate independently or in a synchronized operation, where the radar searches for targets over a wide scan sector and points the EO payload at suspicions targets. The payload can be elevated on a high mast, to provide wider coverage, or suspend under an aerostat at even higher altitudes. The system is also deployed with RAFAEL’s Stalker II system, currently in IDF service, as well as for aerostat platforms. IAI/Ramta has also demonstrated an elevated POP200 based mobile observation system designated Giraffe, installed on the new IAI/Ramta RAM-2000 vehicle