Spike ER Extended Range AT Missile


Spike ER (Formerly known as NT-D) is the extended long-range version of the Spike family, capable of defeating tanks at a range well beyond 6 kilometers. This missile is designed for installation on land vehicles, helicopters and naval platforms. Spike ER uses a day seeker or day/night seeker, a Tandem warhead which defeats any known armored target. The Spike ER retains the dual operation modes of Spike – Fire-and-Forget & Fire-Observe and Update.

Spike ER can be operated in a “Fire and Forget” capability, but its main advantage is the “Fire, Observe and Update” operating mode, which uses the fiber-optical link between the launch position and the missile to transmit the seeker’s target image to the operator, thus enabling fine corrections to be transmitted back to the missile, to improve attack precision and effectively overcome obscurants (haze, smoke, cloud base) or countermeasures. This capability enable the crew to launch the missile at observed targets, which cannot be seen from the firing position, such as targets hidden beyond hills and defilade, or behind smoke screen.