Aztik 100 "Peel and Stick Armor"


Armor Systems International uses a combination of multi-layer fabrics and adhesives, formed into flexible or rigid panels, providing protection up to level IV (NIJ 0108.01 standard) with proven multiple hits protection capability from up to .50 cal armor-piercing rounds.

The unique design uses a special adhesive layer which attaches the protection panel securely to almost any smooth surface, providing immediate threat protection. On armored vehicles Aztik 100 can also be used as a spall liner, to provides ballistics and ricochet protection inside the vehicle. Panels can also be applied to protect security checkpoints, guard shacks and other sensitive installations.

Following successful tests by the USMC and the US Army Rapid Equipping Force, 19 piece Aztik 100 armor protection kits were shipped to Afghanistan, to protect Humvees. The 19-piece Aztik 100™ HMMWV (Humvee) armor kit can be installed in the field within two hours by two soldiers. It includes door panels, floor protection, and a rear-protection panel, as well as armored seat cushions and bullet-resistant glass.