Alvis (now BAE Systems Land Systems Hagglunds) unveiled the third generation CV9035 MkIII infantry fighting vehicle at Eurosatory 2004. The vehicle is designed for gross weight of 32tons and has a growth potential up to 35 tons.

Armed with the ATK Bushmaster III 35/50 cannon and an ammunition programmer for airburst munitions, integrated with the fire control system. The coax machine gun is fitted with increased elevation, for urban warfare situations. It is equipped with an independent commander’s sights located in a rotating cupola, providing hunter-killer operating mode. Both commander and driver have stabilized day/night sights fitted with third generation thermal cameras.

Fitted with a new armor package, the CV-9035 MkIII uses beefed-up frontal and top armor, as well as improved mine protection and defensive aids suit (DAS) composed of laser warning sensors linked with the smoke grenade launchers. The main armament is also linked with the DAS to engage potential threats with effective counterfire. The vehicle is air conditioned and fully protected for operation under CBR conditions. The vehicle also uses third generation vehicle control and information system, integrating various C4I functions from internal and external sources. Other features of the system support combat identification functions, supporting protocols as required by external systems.

December 23, 2005:  The Danish MOD placed an £123 million order with BAE Systems’ Land Systems Hagglunds for 45 CV99035 vehicles, for the Danish Army. Local support and life cycle upgrades will be done by Hydrema Export A/S in Denmark. The two companies will jointly investigate the possibility of through-life support for both maintenance and upgrades.