CyberEye Mini UAV


This mini UAV was developed by Cyberflight as a lightweight remotely piloted or autonomous platform, launched from a 40 meter runway, at a weight of 25 kg on missions up to 100km. The UAV is operated by an autonomous control system supporting up to six hours mission patrolling predefined GPS waypoints. The CyberEye has an on-board digital recorder which enables “silent” operations (without electronic emission). CyberEye can patrol or loiter over a designated target at low speed (20-25 mph) at altitude of up to 10,000 feet. Another UAV developed by the company is Cyber-1. Utilizing an advanced bi-plane design, Cyber-1 is smaller and more efficient than CyberEye. The aircraft weighs 8.27kg (including 12 pound payload), and can operate from a 15 m’ strip, to a range of 50km. Cyber-1 also uses an autonomous GPS based mission control system, and digital recording for silent missions. Maximum speed is 100 km/h and operational height is 1,000 feet above ground.