The IQbot was designed to provide surveillance and first response capability in area contaminated by chemical, biological or radiological / Nuclear (CBRN) agents. The platform uses proven systems adapted from Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) robotic platforms providing high mobility in urban and rural terrain, including stair climbing and obstacle crossing. At a total weight of 400kg, (150kg payload) IQbot reaches a maximum road speed of 25 km/h and up to 10 km/h in rough terrain and operate for over 5 hours.

The platform mounts video cameras and proximity sensors, sending up to four video streams, back to the control unit. Payloads include Thermal / IR camera, electronic countermeasures and a range of sensors, including chemical, biological and radiological sensors and probes. For the CBRN surveillance mission it is equipped with the HAPSITE chemical detection and identification system, providing rapidly deployable remote sensing capability. Alternative payloads can accommodate biological sensors, radiological sensors, thermal / IR cameras and electronic countermeasures. The robot is remotely controlled from a hand held unit which can also be linked back to a network for net-centric connectivity. The complete set can be transported in an EOD vehicle.