Future Soldier Technologies


Future Soldier Programs (FSP) are addressing changing requirements for infantry systems, transformed from armored and mechanized mobile combat to littoral, urban and surgical type low-intensity conflict operations. Among the systems considered for such programs are a family of helmet-mounted integrated systems, designed for Land Warrior.

These systems include helmet mounted display and daylight video sight. For the future Force Warrior (FFW), an integrated headgear is designed, providing the dismounted soldier with increased situational awareness. Kaiser Electro-Optics Inc, from the Rockwell Collins company has developed a compact, helmet mounted high resolution Super VGA display that can be integrated with standard hand held or wearable computers.

Designated ProView SO35 it uses a monocular full-color AM OLED display. The system weighs 346 gram, of which 146 gr. are helmet mounted. The display area provided by the system is 28 degrees wide by 21 deg. high, at a resolution of 800×600 pixels or 22×17 at a resolution of 640×480 pixels.

A different type of helmet mounted display is provided for soldiers operating from combat vehicles. The HTVS offers continuous monitoring of electro-optical sensors, even when the soldier is observing from the vehicle, operating machine guns or other systems. The HTVS integrates a head mounted display, head tracking system, high speed gimbals and infrared, thermal or Image intensifier camera.