PAWS EO Missile Warning System


Elisra’s Passive (EO) Missile Warning System (MWS) provides a key element in advanced self protection systems for fighter aircraft, helicopters, transports and commercial aircraft. can also track a threat throughout the engagement. By using infrared imagery and signal processing, PAWS-2 detects and tracks incoming missile’s hot plume as it appears within a protective sphere surrounding the aircraft. The system discriminates between threatening and non-threatening missiles, by evaluating the missile’s trajectories. When a threat is detected, PAWS-2 alerts the aircrew and automatically activates countermeasures (flares, chaff, decoys and DIRCM). PAWS can track the threat throughout the engagement. After detecting a missile threat, the system filters the background clutter by a applying several processing techniques, including narrow spectral window, optimized for real-time signal processing, and by applying an adaptive threshold. Threat assessment is determined by a rapid target algorithm, which tracks each threat frame-by-frame, and analyzes target maneuverability, relative position, inertial data and angular velocity and intensity. When it detects a threatening missile, PAWS-2 automatically alerts the pilot with a warning signal and activates countermeasures while also providing accurate information to Directional Infra-Red Counter-Measures (DIRCM). PAWS-2 also provides threat information to other EW systems as part of an EW suite, as well as to avionics subsystems. It can also operate as a stand-alone system. Designed and developed specifically to protect fighters from SAMs and MANPADs, PAWS-2 systems are designed for fighter aircraft and has already deployed with Israel’s F-16Is. PAWS-1 systems are already deployed on IDF combat and assault helicopters.