Mobile Camouflage System (MCS)


MCS is designed to protect armored vehicles during movement and in combat. The system utilizes different materials, for camouflage in the visual/near Infrared, thermal, and radar wavebands. Further enhancement of the system includes the application of heat transfer reduction materials, to conceal the heating of the vehicle by solar radiation.

The general approach of the MCS is to hide glossy or flat surfaces into non-glossy 3 dimensional surface structures, with color and near infrared values similar to the environmental condition of the region. Significantly recognizable parts of the vehicle, such as turret shapes and gun will also be concealed with contour disrupters. An ideal camouflage will also obstruct laser reflections to affect the enemy’s range measurement accuracy.

The thermal and radar camouflage contributes to the elimination thermal or radar locking of heat seeking missiles and obstruct and disrupt target detection and tracking by ground or aerial weapons. Radar camouflage will also eliminate the detection by synthetic aperture radar.