MRTP 15 / 27 / 33 – Fast Patrol Boats


The Multi-Role Tactical Platform (MRTP) was developed by Yonca Onuk shipyards for coastal and littoral operations. The Turkish Coast Guard is operating 12 boats since 1997, and has 12 more on order. The boats are manufactured from advanced composite materials. Utilizing a V hull, the MRTP15 can accelerate to up to 64 knots in calm water and maintain 50kt at sea state 3. The boat is operated by a crew of four, can transport up to 10 passengers or a mission payload of 2 tons, including sensors, weapons mounts and divers support equipment. Kaan 15 (photo above) utilizes twin disc, steerable ASD powered by two MTU 12V183 TE93ECU diesels. The boat can be reconfigured to perform specific missions, including search and rescue, security and patrol – with weapons packages, including electro-optically directed stabilized gun and missile turrets, and special operations and divers support. A special version of the Kaan 15 is also modified into the MRTP 15 SOC. This fast boat is designed for special operations, such as covert surveillance, long range covert insertion and recovery of special forces, anti-terrorist raids, interception and boarding of vessels, and interdiction of illegal marine activities. It is designed with a lower profile, and a specially protected keel to enable safe beaching, without damaging the hull. The boat has a redesigned rear section, can carry inflatable boats or RIBs and can be operated as a “mini mother ship, in support of naval commandos operations.

The largest member of the family is the MRTP-33, a patrol boat based on the Kaan-29, which is also operated by the Turkish Coast Guard. MRTP-33 is designed for patrol missions, and littoral warfare operations, including escort and fast attack missions, insertion and extraction of special forces. It can be fitted with CODAG high-seed propulsion system consisting of twin MTU diesels and a Honeywell TF50 gas turbine, all powering water jets. The diesels allow 28 knots patrol speed, while the gas turbine will enable the boat to reach its maximum speed of 55-60kt. The combined propulsion enables the boat to operate for up to 3 days at ranges up to 650 nm, at a speed of 24kt, while speeding on short dashes to speeds up to 55 knots. MRTP-33 has a crew of 20. Mission packages can include stabilized naval turrets with automatic guns (30mm), medium and long range guided missiles, 12.7mm machine guns, multi-sensor payloads, search and rescue equipment, decoys and special operations and divers support equipment.