LIC 2004 – Exhibition Report


The first Low Intensity Conflict exhibition and conference held in Tel Aviv during 22-25 of March, 2004 was an excellent opportunity to learn about the intensive advances in LIC related developments in doctrinal, training technological fields. Facing a prolonged conflict for over three years, the IDF had to transform in combat, from an heavy army based on armored formations, prepared primarily for high intensity conflict to a more flexible infantry oriented force, better trained to for LIC and urban warfare, characterized by net-centric employment of forces at various sizes, from squads to brigades. LIC 2004 provided an exciting first view of many new systems, as well as to the insights of the IDF Ground Forces Command weapons and Doctrine, which, due to the circumstances, became one of the world’s leading authorities on LIC.

Defense Update has covering the event focusing on the following topics: