Combat Engineering & Mine Clearing Systems at Eurosatory 2004


 Detection and neutralization systems against a broad spectrum of threats, including mechanical, magnetic, heat and pressure sensitive mines. MBDA demonstrated at Eurosatory an enhanced mine countermeasure system based on the operational SOUVIM, in use by the French Army. Another system – Dedale magnetic decoy device which activates magnetically fused mines at a safe distance from the carrying vehicle was also on display. IAI Ramta also introduced several EOD/IED disposal systems and mine clearing devices, optimized for rapid deployment of light forces. IAI/Ramta unveiled its third generation magnetic mine activation system which has completed evaluation and testing with several armed forces. Another system, shown here for the second time is the RAFAEL Carpet minefield breaching system, based on fuel-air explosive technology. The system was recently integrated into the future French Army combat engineering (EBG) upgrade program.

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