Bighorn 120mm Mortar System


RUAG of Switzerland have developedan autonomous, smoothbore,recoiled 120 mm mortar system, designed for installation on mobile platforms such as light APCs and trucks. Among the platforms tested were Mowag 8×8 Piranha and M-113. The Bighorn system can fire all types of 120mm mortar ammunition, including guided projectiles such as STRIX and Cargo munitions. he system is designed for autonomous operation, including integral navigation, positioning and fire control capabilities. When fully configured for autonomous operation, Bighorn can deploy into a firing position, fire and leave quickly before being intercepted by enemy counterfire.

calibre 120 mm
barrel length 2000 mm
recoil travel 300 mm
system weight <1490 kg
elevation 40 to 85°
traverse ±45 ° (optional 360°)
range up to 10 km
rate of fire burst: 4 rds in <20 s
sustained: 4 rds/min up to 150 rds
intense: 6 rds/min up to 64 rds (depending on charge)
navigation accuracy 0.50% DT CEP (X-, Y-coordinate)
0.25% DT RMS (altitude)
positioning accuracy 3.00‰ RMS (azimut)
2.00‰ RMS (elevation)
required vehicle power supply 24 V DC MIL STD 1275 A
top rate electric current <210 A
duration of top rate < 5 ms