3D audio for Warrior Programs


An advanced 3D audio communication systems is developed by a team led by Sennheiser Canada under the Canadian Soldier Integrated Headgear System (SIHS) program. The team also includes AuSIM Inc. from the US and Britain’s Davies Communications from the Selenia Communications group.

The soldier-worn systems will provide three-dimensional reception of electronic communications and 3D audio cues to enhance situational awareness. 3D audio feature provides spatial information of the incoming call, improving the soldier’s capability to monitor multiple communications channels and prioritize important information as it is received. 3D cues are based on GPS information encoded with every transmission. SIHP monitors the soldier’s head position, decodes the incoming signal, and plays the signal in 3D audio, accurately simulating the source of the signal’s location. The system also function as a navigation guide, triggering audible cues near navigation waypoint, alerting of threat locations and exposure to enemy line of sight etc.

The SIHS performs as “transparent” system, maintaining the wearer’s natural hearing throughout the use of the system. It also protects the user’s hearing from the damage of loud or impulsive noise, using active noise reduction.