Mosquito Micro UAV

Mosquito 1
Mosquito 1
Mosquito 1.5 micro UAV

The Mosquito 1 is a micro UAV designed by Israel Aircraft Industries, in response to the Israel MOD Defense Research & Development Directorate (DRDD) micro systems technology development. First flight was performed on January 1, 2003. The miniature saucer shaped plane weighs 250 gram and as a wing span of about 30 cm. The vehicle carries a miniature video camera and already performed several flights with up to 40 minutes endurance each. The Mosquito is launched by hand and lands on its skids at the end of its mission.

The company is planning to test the advanced Mosquito 1.5 version soon. This improved design will weigh twice the Mosquito 1 weight, will be capable of flying a 60 minute mission with enhanced video camera (two gimbals provide roll control with electronic image stabilization), and carry improved avionics, enabling fully autonomous missions.