RS-22 Reflex Sight


The Meprolight RS-22 is a maintenance-free, dual illuminated, “red dot” reflex sight designed for quick and instinctive accurate shooting with both eyes open. Illumination of the aiming point is achieved by a fiber optic collector system during the day and by a miniature self-powered tritium light source at night. The MEPRO RS-22 is suitable for use with Night Vision Goggles or scopes, including those with GEN III tubes. The sight is designed to provide optimal shooting conditions under difficult lighting conditions.

The aiming dot illumination changes automatically according to the surrounding available light to maintain good contrast between the aiming dot and the target area. The fiber optic collector located on the front face gathers maximum light when shooting from within a dark enclosed space toward a bright target area. RS-22 can be equipped with a photo-chromatic lens which, will darken to improve contrast when aiming against extremely bright backgrounds. The sight is designed with back-Up Sight, automatically zeroed at the same time as the optical sight, and having a line of sight parallel to the optical line of sight. Using the emergency sight, the soldier can hit a full size figure at 100 meters – 7 shots out of 10.