FV-432 Modernization


An armor upgrade for the British Army FV432 armored personnel carrier was developed by RAFAEL. While the Warrior has replaced it in the troop carrying role in the late 80s, many FV432 series vehicles remained in service operated as ambulances, command posts, mortar carriers and support vehicles. Recent extension of the FV432 service phase-out date from 2014 to 2020 required significant modernization of the vehicle. Modernization of 500 is currently planned, including automotive and protection improvements.

At DSEi 05 RAFAEL displayed an FV432 installed with appliqué reactive armor, RCWS-30 weapon station and thermal beacon for blue-force identification. The armor suit proposed by RAFAEL utilizes new-generation insensitive reactive armor, which is already produced for the US Army Bradley AFV and Israeli Army M113 series APC. The new insensitive reactive armor is optimized to provide all-round protection against shaped charge warheads including PG-7 rockets, as well as kinetic (KE) armor-piercing projectiles and high speed fragments delivered by explosions of artillery, mortars or roadside bombs and IED. The explosive element uses low-burning rate material that behaves like inert material during transportation, storage and maintenance but releases its full energy when hit by shaped charge warhead. The US Ministry of Transportation has classified the explosives in RAFAEL’s reactive armor as an “Extremely Insensitive Detonating Substance – EIDS).

For improved firepower, the FV432 is provided with the latest-generation Rafael Remote Controlled Weapon Station 30 (RCWS 30) armed with a stabilised US ATK Gun Systems Company 30mm MK 44 cannon. A 7.62mm MG is mounted co-axial, and installed on the left side is a two-round Spike LR missile launcher to engage tanks and other targets at long range.