SST Step-Stare EO Payload


A lightweight EO payload, WESCAM 11SST (Step-Stare Turret) offers a unique capability to rapidly cover a large area with is its “step-stare” function. The payload is equipped with gimbaled, tri-sensor stabilized bench designed for high speed step-stare functioning (>120deg./sec slew rate). The sensor captures seven video frames per second, images are compressed and streamed to the control station, where they are tiled together to create a hi-resolution digital image of a large area. 11SST covers up to 300sq kilometers per hour, from an altitude or distance of 4,000meters. 
The payload can accommodate an optional geo-positioning and image processing package for flexible automatic positioning and automatic target tracking. The payload is equipped with 3rd generation 3-5nm InSb FLIR, a color daylight CCD sensor with x14 zoom lens (2.2-28.5mm) and an eyesafe laser rangefinder.