Armored Tomcar


The Tomcar All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is used by the IDF and Israeli Border Police and a number of development programs, in various manned and unmanned applications. The Tomcar is a small, lightweight (ca. 600 kg) vehicle, designed to carry two people and their gear to patrol at low speeds over rough terrain for prolonged periods of time with minimum downtime and maximum safety and report to their base or act in an event.

The IDF is currently evaluating a protected version of the Tomcar, weighing 1,230 kg. The vehicle is equipped with a fully protected cabin, fitted with bullet proof windscreen and side windows and an escape/firing hatch on the roof. The vehicle can be used to transport troops, supplies and equipment in urban terrain, where speed and agility that can protect it in open terrain cannot be used. Elbit Systems demonstrated another configuration of the Mil Tomcar, equipped with an elevated optronic sensor, operating console and firing position.

IAI/Lahav is using the tomcar as the basis for its autonomous sentry, in the Guardium Unmanned Security Vehicle (USV) system. The IDF is also evaluating the Flyer Defense ITV, a 1,750 kg high mobility vehicle, designed to carry five soldiers and a total 1,350 kg. of payload. The vehicle is built from a lightweight tubular space frame and is equipped with an independent suspension that ensures very high mobility.