Warrior Compact Targeter (WACT)


The Warrior Compact Targeter (WACT) wireless network links commanders, sensors, target acquisition equipment including weapon’s sights and binoculars. The system tracks every member via personal location reporting unit generating a detailed situational awareness (SA) picture in real time. The common situational picture is distributed to each of the members and displayed to the warrior on an individual control and display units (PDAMPRS weapon’s sight or helmet mounted display unit).

At the system level, WACT incorporates command and control aids, including a mobile computer or large screen, where commanders can watch 3D views, perform planning, real-time tracking and conduct after-action reviews. An urban communications environment is provided supported by wireless communications relay facilitating efficient coverage of the area of operation.

The system provides situational awareness for the small taskforce, by providing 3D terrain analysis of an urban area, for mission planning, by calculating visibility options from various points of view, evaluating potential routes. The system provides target acquisition and dissemination based location, bearing and range data received from multiple sensors including binoculars and weapon’s sights. The system also processes video streams from sensors including cameras and weapons sights. Images can be disseminated to other team members, displayed on PDAs or helmet mounted sight displays.