Platform Battlefield Information Systems Application (P-BISA)


New C4 application systems, including the Common Battlefield Applications Toolset (ComBAT), and Platform Battlefield Information Systems Application (P-BISA), collectively known as CIP are part of the British Army Bowman system. One such application is the integration of Bowman with vetconics under the Challenger 2 main battle tank Digitization program.

The program includes the installation of Processor Unit (PDPU link) and Commander’s Crew Station (CCS). Both consist of DRS supplied equipment. The CCS will display both battle management and real-time systems information while the PDPU will host applications that effectively digitize the tanks’ systems, These PDPUs will provide a firewall between the real time high-speed weapon system of the Challenger 2 and the near real-time world of the BOWMAN program. Together, these systems will command, control, intelligence and fire coordination capabilities,, enhance interoperability and situational awareness, assuring a seamless flow of battle command information.