Autonomous Perimeter Security System


MAPSANDS, unveiled by USGN on December 5, 2005 is an autonomous, fully integrated wide area perimeter security and access denial system. The system uses a series of sensors, including motion detection radars and audio transducers, to cover wide area perimeters up to several hundreds of miles wide, including as borders, power plants, seaports, ships, airports, oil and gas refineries, offshore oil rigs, and other critical installations. The system can monitor, detect, track, target, warn, establish intent, deter, and if necessary deliver a response to potential aggressors, following predetermined rules of engagements.

MAPSANDS is designed to protect fixed installations, as well as for securing temporary facilities in rapid deployment scenarios. Such rapid deployment installation was successfully tested for the first time in November 2005.

The system relies on directional non-lethal high frequency focused acoustical transducer arrays to challenge potential intruders with verbal warnings and aversive warning tones. Effective at a distance in excess of 1000 meters, such response can support determining potential intruder’s intent. The system also uses programmable airburst munitions delivery system, developed by Vision Technologies System (VTS) to target and disperse human activity by non-lethal munitions, such as tear gas, malodorants or pepper spray at ranges in excess of 1500 meters. The employment of specific countermeasures is subject to the rules of engagements, and can range from use of markers, disorienting, or disabling munitions.