Silver Marlin Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)


Silver Marlin developed by Elbit Systems in israel is an autonomous, medium-sized Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) featuring autonomous obstacle avoidance sensors and controls. The vessel is designed for autonomous, over-the-horizon operation, employing various sensors, and weapon systems on patrol, intelligence and littoral warfare missions. Typical applications are Force Protection/Anti-Terror (FP/AT), Mine Warfare (MIW) and Search and Rescue (SAR).

The 10.6 meter long vessel weighs four tons, of which 2.5 tons are payload including electro-optic naval payload and remote-controlled stabilized weapon station and enough fuel to maintain of 24 up to 36 hours missions, at ranges of up to 500 kilometers.

The Silver Marlin is powered by two 315 hp marine diesel engines capable of maintaining high cruising speed of 44 knots (81 km/h). This USV features adaptive boat control to enhance performance in rough conditions and at high speeds. The USV can be monitored from the shore or from naval vessels via common mission control system, linked over satellite communication. The same station can also monitor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).