Caladiom – Long endurance remotely operated smart sensor


A new surveillance system presented by Bertin Technologies, is under evaluation by the French DGA. Caladiom is designed to enable continuous, day and night surveillance for 10 days or more. It is equipped with image processing functions contributing to reduce false alarm rate. The system uses zone-based characterization of events, issuing alarms only when pre-selected threats are identified. The system provides field forces with remote visualization of threats, enabling detection and identification of threats from long distance.

Bertin has also demonstrated the new “Second Sight”, stand-off chemical gas detection and visualization system providing automatic warning, and visible imaging of the type and location of toxic gas substances and chemical warfare agents. The system uses a micro-bolomerer thermal imager operating at the 8-14 micron range, utilizing up to six infrared filters to detect the presence of distinctive chemical substances. The system detects such materials in the field of view within less than two seconds and can trigger an alarm after further analysis, within less than five seconds.