COMPASS Electro-Optical Payload


COMPASS for Compact Multi-Purpose Advanced Stabilized System developed and produced by ElOp Electro Optics Industries, provides the “eyes” of surface ships, patrol boats, and maritime surveillance aircraft and helicopters. COMPASS is a follow-on to El-Op’s Multi-sensor Stabilized Integrated System (MSIS) with advanced optronics equipment, integrated into a tightly sealed container, installed on the mast.

Compass has enough space to accommodate several systems, including a choice of three thermal imagers, including 1st or 2nd generation FLIRS operating in the 8-12 micron range, or a 3rd generation matrix FLIR, operating in the 3-5 micron range. FLIRs are an essential component for target detection and interrogation at long range, and an indispensable component for night operations. For daylight use, CCD/TV BW/Color camera for daylight use, both sensors are equipped with powerful zoom capability for observation at long distances. The use of a stabilized platform contributes to a sharp picture and accurate line-of-sight positioning even at rough sea conditions. T

he system is equipped with an improved tracker, capable of tracking surface targets, helicopters as well as ground targets. COMPASS can also accommodate an eye-safe laser rangefinder or target designator. All systems are feeding image and target data to a remote operating console, for stand-alone operation, or link via standard communications links to the combat information system, where target data can be feed fire control systems, and be integrated with other weapon systems.

In 2005 the British Army selected the latest version of the COMPASS IV as the EO payload for the Watchkeeper UAV.