Integrated C4ISR Building Blocks


Elbit Systems Integrated Component-based exploitation framework (ICE) system is providing the baseline for the company’s approach to the Battle Management System. Based on a common network protocol, it offers total integration of sensors, such as observation posts, airborne surveillance, UAVs, satellite imagery and aerial photography, synthetic aperture radar imagery, and mapping, even gun sights of tanks can be linked to the system. The system combines commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware and software packages, with tactical building blocks designed by Elbit, to link various applications and levels of command. All elements share a common communications network that can transfer images and data. The information gathered from these sources is collected, processed, analyzed and shared by multiple levels, from the highest command level down to the field units and basic combat elements.

All supported elements are also sharing the C4I network, therefore enabling seamless access to information. Every authorized element can gain access to information, regardless to location, or level in the system hierarchy or type of console used. This open architecture enables maximum flexibility and future enhancements, while maintaining high security across the network. The Ground C4 systems include tactical computers, digital maps, advanced communications controllers and modems, message handling systems etc. Specific applications derived from these systems include artillery C4I systems, currently deployed in 15 countries, brigade level tactical C4I system managing all information required for operations, intelligence, fire support and logistics teams, and border surveillance and control. Such system is currently under construction to integrate, register and secure all of Israel’s air, land and sea gateways.

Operating units include dedicated computer stations, and compact consoles designed to fit in the fighting compartments of tanks and APCs, enabling the system to link directly to the lowest tactical elements.

Among the systems developed by Elbit for the BMS is the Enhanced Tactical Computer (ETC), adaptable to a wide range of armored vehicles, howitzers and mortars, MLRS launchers, APCs and attack helicopters. A triple Modem PCMCIA communication controller is also available from Elbit as a common building block for combat networks. The modem is designed to support combat net radios with analog or digital interfaces. Elbit is also integrating the Tactical MapCore system, developed by its subsidiary Mitam, it is a combat situation awareness system with moving map 3D terrain analysis and mission planning package, designed for C4I systems.