Modular Airborne Sensor (MAS)


The miniature, modular airborne sensor system uses a mini UAV developed by Patria, equipped with an EO payload mounted on remotely controlled a pan-tilt platform. A system includes 1-3 vehicles which can be fitted with EO or IR payloads. Unique features used in this compact system include fixed, see-and-avoid camera an on-board sensor and data recording capability to support autonomous operation. The ground system uses a ruggedized laptop PC and communications segment, equipped with telescopic mast mounted datalink antenna. The overall system’s weight is less than 30 kg.

The battery powered vehicle weighs only 3 kg and has a payload capacity of 0.5kg. The wing span is 1.5 meters and length: 1.05 m’. MAS can operate on a mission for 60-75 minutes at an altitude of 50 – 150 meters covering ranges of 10- 20 km at a cruising speed of 60 km/h. (Maximum dash speed is 120 km/h.) The system can operate on autonomous mission or manually, by a single operator. Deployment, turn-around and packing is performed within 8 minutes.