Pechora (SA-3) – Surface/Air System Upgrade Program


Upgrades for India’s Pechora 2A (SA-3 OSA) missiles were also promoted at Defexpo 2006 by the Russian company Almaz-Antey. Under the upgrade program the system’s engagement range and kill zone will be extended (currently 3.5 to 28 km range, 60 – 60,000 feet altitude, engaging targets with speeds up to 700 m/sec) and efficiency in handling current technology threats will be increased. Electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) will also be improved by increasing operating power to 2000 W/MHz. An additional EO/TV tracking channel will be integrated as a backup. Up to 50% of the analog systems in the missiles will be replaced by new and more reliable digital systems in order to improve reliability and performance while decreasing power consumption. The upgraded system will be capable of detecting and engaging targets with typical radar cross-sections as small as 0.3 square meters.