RIF-M Naval Air Defense System


The RIF-M system provides protection against threats at altitudes from sea level up to 90,000 feet and at ranges from 7 to 150 km. One of the missiles used with the system is the 48H6E2, which is similar to the type used in the Favorit missile defense system and has a warhead weight of 180 kg. Another option is the 9M96E, which is similar to the missile used by the ground based S-300PMU-2 (Favorit).

These missiles have a range of 2 to 40 km, and are capable of defeating targets from sea level to 70,000 feet. The 9M96E has a smaller yet highly potent warhead, weighing 24 kg. RIF-M can fire missiles at 4 second intervals when engaging one or more targets. The typical interval between missile firings is 2-4 seconds.