SLD500 Sniper Locator


CILAS introduced at Eurosatory 2006 the SLD-500, a new electro-optical sensor system, designed for area surveillance and sniper detection. The new system is a follow-on to the operationally successful SLD 400 Laser Sniper Detector, enhancing the sniper location capability with surveillance functions, the system can detect and locate any kind of optical sight systems: optical scopes, cameras, binoculars etc. The system uses a wide angle coded laser beam to illuminate the sector to be searched. SLD500 sensors will accurately localize a threat and perform target identification by spotting the laser reflected from the optical elements of the weapon’s sights, using high definition daylight or infra-red cameras. The system can also be used for crowd surveillance or battlefield monitoring, allowing efficient response from police or military forces. A laser pointer, range finder, compass and inclinometer complement the system providing target designation and localization. The system is currently in evaluation within the French Army.

The system can be linked to an array of acoustic sensors to form a multi-sensor detection system. The system can be fitted on a fixed mount, on a tripod or on a vehicle. Laser scanning can be performed manually or automatically, while the optronic head is in motion. Fixed on a turret, the system automatically scans the field and detects any person using a sight. Images are automatically post processed by a dedicated computer which automatically displays the coordinates and a view of the threat localization in a panoramic picture of the scene. Optional features include remote broadcast unit, enabling an intervention team to see in real time the view available from the main control unit, an infrared camera for night vision and GPS.