idZ Program


German Infantry of the Future

The German Future Infantryman (idZ) system is one of the more mature soldier modernization systems, currently under development by EADS for the German Army. The system supports the soldier with updated situational picture, enabling covert, silent communications and assists him with navigational services.

The situational picture provides information about the soldier’s own position, relative to the positions of his comrades, and a threat situational picture, depicting the locations of suspected threats such as obstacles and minefields and course of movement of targets, designated with accurate coordinates. The idZ units will also integrate miniature unmanned vehicles, both ground based and aerial mini- and micro-UAVs and UGVs to utilize battlefield preparation, patrol and reconnaissance and resupply missions.

The idZ soldier’s gear will be based on a mission oriented and reconfigurable portable system including modular, ballistic vest with stab protection and NBC clothing set. It will be integrated with electronics devices, including digital intra-section radio for voice and data communications and computerized navigation system. These electronic processors will display data, overlayed with situational display showing all relevant elements, positioned on a digital map. The suit also includes weapon’s thermal sight and an integrated, hand held observation system, comprising digital day/night imager, laser rangefinder and a digital compass. The weapon selected by the German Army for idZ is the G-36 from heckler & Koch, fitted with 40mm grenade launcher, target tagging and close-field illumination. A long range rifle and personal defense weapon, shoulder fired anti-tank/anti-material weapon are also included in the section’s arsenal. Mission oriented eye and ear protection systems are also included.