Shaldag MkII Fast Patrol Boat


Shaldag Mk-II class Fast Patrol Boat is the latest version of the original design, launched in 1989. Constructed of welded marine aluminum structure, 24.80 m long, and maximum beam width of 6 meters. The hull is shaped with smooth lines both above and below the water line, offering exceptional handling even at high sea state. The hull is divided into six watertight, full height compartments, that provides easy access to below-deck compartments housing spacious air-conditioned crew accommodations for up to 10 persons, the engines, reduction gears and water-jet, storage for ammunition and supplies. The integral double bottom tank contains the diesel fuel, which also provides additional gravity at the center. The propulsion systems are located aft, for protection and improved crew comfort in the accommodation area. The command center and mess are located at the center of the deck, with the open bridge on top, providing improved visibility in all directions. In the Israel Navy configuration, the living quarters were moved below deck, and locating the open bridge aft to the command center. This configuration reduces the silhouette of the vessel, thus improving its survivability in close encounters.

Shaldag Mk-II is designed for coastal security, and patrol missions, in law enforcement, coast guard and counter insurgency and naval operations in coastal area. Designed for very high accelerations, the boat can reach its top speed of 45–50 knots in one minute. Maneuverability is also impressive, for example, the Shaldag demonstrated entering a full 360 degree turn from maximum speed, and completing it in a 100 yard diameter. Operation in coastal area, estuaries and rivers, where shallow water, natural and man made obstacles such as fishing nets, floating ropes and vegetation restrict operations of patrol boats propelled with articulated drives.

Shaldag Mk II Characteristics:

Full displacement: 56 tons
Standard displacement: 50 tons
Length: 24.8 m.
Beam: 6 m.
Draft: 1.2 m.
Main propulsion:

2 Deutz/MWM TBO 604 BV16 diesels or MTU 12V 396 TE diesels with Ka Me Wa water-jets or / 2×2,500 hp(m) (3.68 MW) with  / 2 LIPS water-jets

Speed: 48 Knots
Range at 16 kt: 850 nm
Range at 32 kt: 650 nm
Complement: 15
Fuel capacity: 10 tons
Payload: 6 tons
Guns: 1xTyphoon stabilized gun station, 1×20 mm gun, 2 0.5 mm machine—gun pedestals.
Radar: Surface search MD 3220 Mk-II I band
Observation/targeting: multi-sensor stabilized electro-optical director