High Power EM Pulse Weapon


High Power ElectroMagnetic  (HPEM) wepon can be used as a powerful IED countermeasure. HPEM system, available from Diehl and Rheinmetall Defense. HPEM can be effective against roadside bombs and IEDs containing electronic devices (such as an electronic fuze, cellphone or any other actuating device). Rheinmetall and Diehl are offering several types of HPEM modules, including elements concealed in the doors police cars, enabling highway patrols to stop a suspect vehicle when driving side by side.

A similar system can be used to protect a vehicle or a convoy from IEDs. An HPEM based counter IED system can cause controlled explosion or deactivation of the charge, at a safe distance from the protected vehicle. Both companies are collaborating on the development of an ultra-wideband HPEM technology, which will cover the frequency range from Megaherz to Gigaherz, effectively denying all types of communications with a directional or omni-directional coverage. Diehl is specializing in HPEM systems operating at the UHF (hundreds of Megaherz) waveband, which, according to Diehl’s experts, is most suitable for engaging all types of electronic devices, including IEDs. A typical system is the compact, battery operated DS-110, which disrupts and destroys processor driven electronic modules in any system, by generating resets or inducing power latch-ups, therefore immediately neutralizing the target. The basic system is omni-directional but it can be configured to generate a directional radiation pattern.