Enhancing Survivability and Protection


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Another area that received special attention from DDR&D is the field of advanced armor, including passivereactive and Active Protection Systems (APS). To improve protection and survivability of current and future forces the Israeli Ministry of Defense invested in several systems as part of the Israeli thrust to improve protection and survivability of current and future forces. Israel pursued APS solutions, under two parallel paths which matured under different schedules, following different concepts developed against different threat assessments. Both programs are currently under advanced development, protecting various types of platforms from threats of shaped charge warheads, including RPGs and anti-tank missiles. Passive and reactive armor systems, developed under other DDR&D programs, are currently used by many armies around the world, for example, US Army Bradleys operating in Iraq are protected by RAFAEL’s reactive armor systems.

DDR&D and the IDF Corps of Engineers launched a joint effort to develop countermeasures and means to defeat IEDs. “Due to our continuous exposure to ever more sophisticated and illusive threats, we developed and fielded some of the most advanced counter IED technologies available in the market today” concludes Nagel. This joint effort encompasses a complete methodology, including detection, neutralization and protection, and is based on the lessons gained through many years of combating IEDs and ambushes in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. The resulted is reflected in the development of several generations of RF jammers and a stand-off laser disruptors, some are on display at Eurosatory 2006.

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