CV90120 Light Tank


BAE Systems Hagglunds introduced a 32 ton CV90 version armed with low-recoil 120mm gun. For the first time, the CV90120 was shown equipped with an active protection system, which makes this compact platform equivalent in survivability, firepower and mobility to modern 60 ton tanks.

The Active Armor Concept (AAC) utilized with this tank is based on an active protection system developed by IBD and integrated by Akers Krutbruk in Sweden. Currently at technology demonstrator phase, the system will be evaluated by the Swedish MOD R&D (FMV) and could be adopted by other armies operating the CV family of vehicles. The system is comprised of a series of 26 independent modules surrounding the vehicle and providing overlap protection to ensure multi-hit protection. Each of the overlapping modules includes two sensors providing threat warning, identification and ranging (radar?) each covering a 45 degrees arc, protecting the hull and turret. When an imminent threat is detected and identified (KE or SC), a single countermeasure is activated to defeat the threat. The intercept takes place at very close distance of 1 – 3 meters from the vehicle.

Akers has already developed a demonstrator AAC for the FV9040 vehicle. The systems’ weight range from 400 to 800 kg, depending n the density of the modules. CV90120 also uses a “soft kill” protection utilizing the “water mist” system, surrounding the vehicle with water vapours which absorb the tank’s infrared signature, effectively protecting it from top attacks by sensor-fuzed weapons and guided missiles. The tank is equipped with multi-sensor UV, laser and radar threat warning systems and smoke/countermeasures launchers.