Sherpa 2 / 3A High Mobility/Protected Utility Vehicle


Renault Trucks Defense launched at Eurosatory new members of the Sherpa family of trucks, including a tactical vehicle, armored vehicle and light truck. The Sherpa 2 and the Sherpa 3A are 4×4 vehicles configured as light tactical troop carriers. They have a remarkably low silhouette and reduced total weight, to suite air-transport and air-drop requirements. All vehicles use a four cylinder diesel engine, developing 215HP at 2,500 RPM and an automatic five speed gearbox, four disc brakes with anti-lock braking system (ABS), air compressor and pneumatic control. With a 9.3 ton Gross Total Weight (GTW) Sherpa 2 is designed to be used as a tactical troop carrier, accommodating four fully equipped troops and additional 2.5 tons of payload, supporting a total payload of 3.5 tons. The armored version, designated Sherpa 3A is based on the Sherpa 3 all-terrain platform, with a gross total weight of 12.5 tons. It is equipped with a fully protected hull, conforming to N2 ballistic protection level and N1 mine protection. The utility truck version called Sherpa 3 (12.5 Ton GTW) can carry a total load of 4.5 tons, including a driver and passenger.