Metis M Anti-Tank Guided Missile


Metis M (also designated AT-13 Saxhorn) is an enhanced version of the Metis (AT-7), first introduced in 1992. It is a light, man portable anti-tank guided missile, similar to the European Milan. This wire-guided system uses semi-automatic command to Line of Sight  (SACLOS) missile is effective at ranges of 80 – 1,500 (standard M missile) or 2,000 meters (enhanced M1 system), day or night. The missile utilizes a tandem shaped charge anti-tank warhead, which, according to the manufacturer, has the penetration of 800 mm (M version) up to 950 mm of steel armor (M1 version). KBP is also offering the missile with a thermobaric warhead. KBP is currently producing the upgraded version designated  Metis-M1, comprising of the 9M131M missile and the 9P151M launcher, reduced weight 10.5 to 9.5 kg and featuring increased jamming immunity.

A firing unit consisting of launcher, thermal sight and a single missile container weigh 29.80 kg.