Combat Boat 90H – Fast patrol Boat


The Swedish shipbuilder DOCKSTAVARVET has developed the CB90H Combat Boat to answer Norwegian and Swedish Navy requirements. Over 225 boats have already been supplied. The CB90H is constructed of aluminum and designed to operate as a fast attack boat, patrol boat and special operations support vessel. Heavy machine guns are mounted in fixed installations, or stabilized and remotely controlled from a monitor in the wheelhouse. The boat can also carry mines or Hellfire missiles, and a gyro-stabilized twin-barrel 12-cm mortar. The boats have a loading capacity of 21 armed soldiers or up to 4.5 tons of cargo. The boat uses two waterjet propulsion units, each powered by a 460 kW diesel engine, developing continuous speeds exceeding 40 knots and high maneuverability. 

A non-military Patrol Crafts version of the CB-90 can be equipped with twin 550 kW diesels, to cruise at up to 45 knots. Such a high speed interceptor was recently supplied to the Malaysian Customs service. Equipped with two MAN D2842 LE410 main engines, each with a medium duty rating of 810 kW and two Rolls-Royce Kamewa FF-410 with waterjets, the 16 meter boat has a sprint speed of 50 knots and a cruise at 42 kt. The Malaysian Navy is also operating 17 CB-90H boats.


  1. Sir,

    The ECOWAS member states has resolved to improve their security environment. Looking at the daunting security challenges, the International Peace Institute has argued that with the region’s weak internal capacities and its peripheral status in the global market, the prognosis appears grim.

    The West Africa region, part of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), covers an area of 4.7 million square kilometers. It is more than twice the size of Western Europe.

    The Maritime security in the territorial waters of West Africa is precarious. There is little surveillance, or interception capability, rendering it vulnerable to piracy, poaching and dumping of toxic waste. The sea routes provide channels for arms and human trafficking and terrorism. Drug trafficking constitutes the most serious security threat.

    It is our resolve therefore to build capacities to confront the current and emerging threats to regional security – extremism, terrorism, drug trafficking, militant groups and piracy.

    The Ecowas parliament has reached a consensus to purchase

    1. 10 Military Combat / Patrol Boats (High Speeds) with fiberglass hulls

    2. 5 Anti Piracy Escort boats for coastal patrols to stem this incessant crimes within the territorial waters of the sub-region.

    With the following integrated features;

    Armor design and integration
    Shallow draft design with beaching plates
    Heavy and medium machine gun mounts
    Unmanned remote weapon mount
    Remote optics and sensors
    Rough terrain trailers
    Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) filtration systems
    Integrated tactical communications
    Reduced signature designs and coatings
    Actuating bow and stern ramps
    Air and surface ship transportability

    Please contact us immediately with boats with this specifications including year of manufacture and prices for possible and immediate purchase before November ending 2012.

    Your earliest possible reply.

    Frank A. Andoh
    (Capt. Rtd) Ghana Army
    Currently= Director of Procurement Ecowas Parliament.
    Manager Sourcing at Bank of Ghana
    Procurement Category Manager at Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd.

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