Kornet E Laser Guided Anti-Tank Missile


This semi-automatic laser beam riding missile is effective at ranges of 100 – 5,500 m’ in daytime and up to 3,500 m’ at night. The missile utilizes a tandem shaped charge anti-tank warhead or a thermobaric (fuel-air explosive) charge, for anti-personnel and anti-material blast and incendiary effect. The manufacturer claims penetration of 1,200mm of steel armor or 4.5 meters of concrete. The NATO designation of the Kornet is AT-14.

A firing unit consisting of launcher, thermal sight and a single missile container weigh 65 kg and can be installed and ready for action in 3 minutes, operated by 3 men. Most often, the missile will be deployed on vehicular platforms, a modular design for such launcher can utilize a lightweight launcher or an integrated turret designed for a hummer sized vehicle, integrated with the thermal sight and four ready to fire missiles and five more in stowage. Other configurations include an automatic, remotely operated win-missile turret installed on the BMP-3 (16 missiles, of which 12 are stored in an autoloader) and BRTR-80 chasis (12 missiles, 8 in autoloader). The missile’s launched is fitted with thermal imaging system, to facilitate effective operations under low visibility, day and night.

The missile is also deployed with the Kuliver single seat fighting compartment and weapon’s turret, also designed by KBP for installation on BTR-80 and BMP series Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Kuliver uses four ready to launch Kornet missiles, with associated fire control systems, a 30mm 2A72 automatic gun and 7.62 machine gun. The gunner’s sight uses a built-in laser rangefinder and thermal imager, as well as the missile’s guidance kit. An automatic fire control system handles two axis weapon stabilization, for firing on the move.