Guided MLRS


Lockheed Martin reported successful flight tests of Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) Unitary rockets in three separate tests conducted recently as part of the Production Qualification Test (PQT) flight test series. The tests demonstrated the capability of the GMLRS Unitary rocket in the point detonation, delay and proximity modes at short and long range. The unitary warhead of the GMLRS has tri-modes of operation allowing airburst, point-impact and delay detonation.

Lockheed Martin received a $119 million contract to conduct System Development and Demonstration (SDD) for a GMLRS variant with a single warhead in October 2003. With $12.5 million received in early 2005 to accelerate the program, SDD isexpected to continue through 2007. A total of 498 GMLRS Unitary rockets will be delivered to satisfy Urgent Need Statement (UNS) requested by the U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Command (AMCOM). GMLRS Unitary is considered to be more effective, yet a safer to handle and store. Guided Unitary is proving to be one of the most highly effective munitions in our troops’ arsenal in theater, it integrates a 180-pound unitary warhead into the GMLRS rocket, giving battlefield commanders the ability to attack targets up to 70 kilometers away with high precision.