Compact Portable DVR


The Israeli Army is currently using several different digital recorders, both imported and locally made. Two new digital video recorders were recently unveiled by Goldtech Technologies. The first is the ultra compact VCAP, which connects to a video source such as a video camera, ground sensor, weapon sight, etc. VCAP compresses video to the MPEG-2 standard, which preserves details better than MPEG 4. The data is recorded on either a hard disk or solid state memory. This system supports a single video channel, with up to 25 hours of high-resolution video on an internal 2.5″ IDE hard disk drive. The hard drive can be replaced by a flash drive to allow tougher field operation, or extended operation using battery power. To display the recorded material the system can be connected to any PC. VCAP provides simultaneous recording and playback and instant replay features.

A larger system is the RAV-2, a dual-channel digital recorder with a storage capacity of 100GB, sufficient for 24 hours of operation. RAV2 has a built-in mini display enabling instant playback or monitoring. It is equipped with a remote control unit for convenient field operation. The system uses USB2 connections to link to any digital display device or PC. It can also play back a video stream to any standard video or TV monitor.