Club S Naval Cruise Missile


Club S submarine launched cruise missile family, includes the 3M-54E1 anti-ship missile and 3M-14E land attack versions, capable of striking land and naval targets from a range of 275km. The missile can be launched from standard torpedo tubes, from depth of 35 – 40 m’ (130 feet), cruise autonomously along a selected flight trajectory and, at a speed of 240 m/sec, at an altitude of 20 meters (70 feet), and when approaching the target, drops to a sea skimming level of 5 – 10 meters (20 – 30 feet).

The missile is equipped with a 400kg (880 pound) warhead. One of the key elements in the effectiveness of the new Club S is its active radar seeker, the Args 14e designed by Radar MMS of St. Petersburg. This 40 kg system radar system is employed in the terminal phase, less than 20km ahead of the target, to provide target detection, selection and guidance. The seeker is designed for high resistance to ECM, and is designed to operate as a single missile or in salvos firing.

Russia is promoting the Amur-950 (Lada class) diesel electric submarine, armed with the Club-S cruise missile system capable of hitting underwater, surface and land targets.