Interceptor Body Armor


The Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) is the current body armor provided to U.S. combatants. IBA uses a modular design, enabling periodical enhancements of subsystems and inserts. In the current version IBA consists of the Outer Tactical vest (OTV), made of a combination of cordura, Kevlar or Twaron. Pockets built into the fore and back of the OTV contain ergonomically designed kevlar backed composite ceramic panels (Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI)/Enhanced SAPI (ESAPI) and other elements protecting the sides, shoulders and bicep. One of the leading producers of IBA components is Armor Holdings. At AUSA 06 the company introduced the LIMBS system, Lightweight Integrated Mobility Body Armor System. LIMBS provides enhanced protection to the shoulders, Bicep and Thigh while offering 25% less weight compared to existing systems. Its ergonomical design improves mobility, comfort and performance. The suite combines a shoulder-Bicep system.

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