Armor Protected Trucks


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Improved protection is required for utility and logistical vehicles, supply trucks and prime movers. When heavier trucks are concerned, armor protection is simpler and is usually more straightforward than the work associated with lighter vehicles such as the HMMWV, since trucks can trade off some of their cargo capacity for the additional protection; especially as such protection is usually limited for the cab.

Protected cabins are tailored for new trucks, or offered as replacement cabs. An example is the HEMTT replacement cab, designed by Armor Holdings. Utilizing the modular systems and bulkhead connections of the original HEMTT cab, the armored cab can be installed in the field, on the HEMTT vehicles within hours, improving the heavy tactical fleet crew survivability.

The new cab provides small-arms protection, defeating IED and AT mine attacks and offers overhead protection against fragmentation. Further protection to the exposed gunner’s position is provided with an optional gunner’s protection kit. Extensive protection, both external and covert, is provided for trucks and prime movers used by the German Army in Kosovo and for coalition trucks operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2004 Armor Holdings introduced an armored version of the Oshkosh Trucks MTVR family of tactical trucks. For missions requiring wheeled Armored Personnel Carrierss (APC), combat support and tactical logistics applications, Oshkosh is offering the Australiann Bushmaster, ecently combat tested in Afghanistan.

Protected cabs are also provided for various trucks including M997 (HEMTT), M1070 (HETS), M915 trucks and M1074/1075 Palletized Load Systems (PLS) at an additional weight of 1.3 – 1.9 tons. For medium trucks, the “low signature armored cab” is in development for the 2.5 and 5 ton FMTV Tactical vehicle System (TVS) retaining air mobility of the truck. The FMTV is produced by Stewart Stevenson Services which, in 2005 acquired Automotive Technik Holdings Limited (ATL) of the UK, producer of the Pinzgauer all-terrain vehicle are themselves being acquired by Armor Holdings, which are producing the armoring kits for these trucks. Several NATO Armies are employing protected containers such as the TransProtec to safely transport troops to and from forward bases in the combat zone. The US Army is evaluating the MTTCS, based on a composition of modular armor elements link to shelter-sized transportable module.

Heavy Armored Trucks – Comparison Table

Vehicle Name Producer GW (t) Load Capacity, Crew + Passengers Protection Level
Bushmaster ADI / Australia 16.5 2+8 Bullet proof, IED, Mine
Cougar Force Protection / USA 17.5 2+8 (4×4) + 2 t. load2+12 (6×6) 2 t. + load Bulletproof, IED, Mine
Casspir TFM/ / South Africa 10.8 2 + 12 / 1.8 t. Bulletproof, Mine
Dingo KMW / Germany 9.2 1+4 (1.2 t.) Bulletproof, IED, Mine
Oryx International, USA 12 – 15 2 + 8 or 2 + 10 / 6 t. Bulletproof, IED, Mine
Truck APC International / US 14 – 32 2 + 8 / 2 + 12 RPG, Bulletproof, IED, Mine
SandCat Plasan Sasa / Israel 5.5 – 7 1 + 3 / 1 + 5 Bulletproof, IED, mine
Wildcat IMI / Israel 15 2 + 10 RPG, Bulletproof, UED, Mine

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