Second Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer Launched


The Royal Navy’s newest warship, the Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dauntless, was launched on the Clyde January 23, 2007 by Lady Burnell-Nugent, wife of the Commander In Chief of the Fleet. HMS Dauntless is the second of the new Type 45 class of Anti-Air Warfare Destroyers.The Royal Navy's newest warship, the Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dauntless, was launched on the Clyde January 23, 2007

BAE Systems is the prime contractor for the delivery of the first six Type 45 Destroyers under contract worth over £6 Billion. Vosper Thornycroft at Portsmouth and BAE SYSTEMS Surface Fleet Solutions will both build and outfit substantial sections of the ships. The first ship of the class, HMS Daring, will start her sea trials later in 2007 and will enter service in 2009. HMS Dauntless is expected to go into service early next decade. Three further Type 45 ships are under construction and work on the sixth ship is due to start soon.

The Type 45 is a 152.4 meter long ship, (21.2 meter beam) with maximum displacement of 7,000 tons. The ships are powered by the WR21 gas turbine and will reach a maximum speed of up to 29 knots. Cruising at 18 knots she can travel continuously for up to 7,000 nautical miles. Her complement includes some 190 seamen (with space for 235).

Weapons and Systems: The Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS) comprising the BAE Insyte SAMPSON Multi-Functional Radar (MFR) providing area surveillance and fire control, Thales S1850M Long Range Radar (LRR) for air/surface search and SYLVER missile container/launcher loaded with a combination of Aster 15 and Aster 30 missiles. These missiles are designed to provide effective defense against multiple attacks by subsonic sea-skimmers and supersonic anti-ship missiles. On-board gun systems include the 4.5″ Mk 8 (Mod 1) Medium caliber gun and 30mm small caliber gun systems.

Type 45 destroyers are equipped with a helicopter landing pad operating Helicopter the Westland Lynx MHA 3/8 or Merlin EH101 HAS 1. In the offensive anti-submarine role, these helicopters can carry the Stingray torpedoes.