IMI Develops Hybrid Armor to Defeat Sophisticated RSIEDs


IMI is developing a new hybrid armor (passive) designed to withstand commonly used types of RoadSide IEDs (RSIED), including the sophisticated Explosively Formed Projectiles (EFP) and Self Formed Fragmentation (SFF) charges. The unique combination of the new hybrid armor is the result of extensive study conducted at IMI, in an attempt to protect warfighters at levels beyond those offered by conventional armor, with cost effective armor suite that can defeat both prevailing and future threats.

The new hybrid armor will be applied as add-on modules for wheeled or tracked light armored vehicles. The new hybrid armor (passive) combines various materials designed to absorb the kinetic energy, mechanical deformation and ballistic damage created by the threat by mitigating and dissipating blast energy, and absorbing the kinetic energy of projectiles, fragments and EFP slugs, stopping multiple hits (according to STANAG) from small and medium caliber projectiles which is equal to 45-up to 60 mm of Rolled Homogenous Armor (RHA) while weighing half the weight of comparable steel. The armor kit is designed for field installation and removal. Damaged modules are designed for rapid replacement by field maintenance teams, without using special tools.

In the future, IMI plans to integrate reactive components to this hybrid armor, offering comprehensive protection from more threats, including RPG’s.