Suspended Mine Blast Resistant Seat


Plasan Sasa offers the Suspended Mine Blast Resistant Seat (Patent Pending) as an optional component rather than collapsible seats. The Mine Blast Resistant Seat is comprised of a suspended crew seat supported by a high strength, high tension fiber rope connected to multiple points on the roof and floor (or sides) of a vehicle in order to isolate the seat and create tension to stabilize it.

The seat is equipped with a foot rest that is extended from the seat itself and not mounted on the floor. In a blast event, acceleration forces will not be transmitted to the soldier because the seat and the soldier in it are isolated from the floor because the soldier’s feet do not rest on the floor. The seat restraint system is of four-point design.

The Plasan Suspended Seat will manage accelerative load forces so that these forces will be below injury inducing loads as specified in the Load Injury Assessment Criteria established by Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and the US Army Aerospace Research Laboratory. The Plasan Suspended Seat demonstrates significant advantages over any known seat fixed to the floor with a collapsible base. Additionally, compared to other suspended seat solutions, the Plasan continuous rope system allows multiple attachment points to the vehicle roof, sides or floor, and enables ease of adjustment and tension.