FanCopter – VTOL Mini UAV


The FanCopter system uses counter-rotating rotor system combining speed, stability and hovering with small dimensions (65 cm diameter, 40 cm height). the Fancopter air vehicle weighs 1.3 kg, can be carried and operated by a single soldier, transmitting live video over a distance of 500 meters. The system uses collision avoidance technology, enabling the compact air vehicle to operate near and even inside buildings.

The vehicle flies on an autopilot, maintaining the direction and line of sight controlled by the operator (the user indicates only the point of interest). In addition, fully autonomous flight segments can be defined, where the vehicle will follow waypoint navigation or return to a designated location.

Fancopter uses a daylight camera positioned in a pod, above the rotor assembley. Wide angle camera provides situational overview and an additional telephoto lens mounted on a tiltable mount, is used for reconnaissance. This camera has a tilt down position enabling the Fancopter to landon rooftops or other elevanetd positions and perce over the area below for suspicious targets. EMT also offers a high resolution still camera, which stores images on board, and a low-light camera payloads for night operations. Fancopter can stay on a mission for up to 20 minutes and observe continuously for up to two hours (perching).