MILTRAK – Command and Control for the Dismounted Combat Team


Thales UK unveiled at Soldier Technology 07 its new MILTRAK, a command and control unit designed for infantry teams. MILTRAK comprises a navigation module, and a separate display system used primarily by leaders. It uses a simple interface, similar to the older designs used mobile phones, to provide navigation, situational awareness (SA) picture and short text messages.

In the SA display MILTRAK automatically plots and displays the positions of other team members equipped with similar MILTRAK devices, therefore simplifying control of dispersed teams or identifying the locations of casualties. The device also supports navigation planning and distribution of routes, even when mapping is not available. The display shows MILTRAK is connected to data capable personal radios to transmit and receive position data. The whole system weighs 0.5 kg (excluding radio).

The device enables efficient target handoff between team members and target designation elements, using simple symbology and laser markers. For navigation, MILTRAK uses built-in GPS, digital magnetic compass and digital maps. Normally, only leaders will use the full system, while riflemen will be equipped with the navigation module and radio alone, to automatically report position and status. The commander uses the display unit designed to operate in daylight or at night. At night, commanders may use a magnifying lens and eyecup to eliminate light spill. Both units are powered by standard AA batteries.